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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Anyone who knows Tyler will agree that he is a Harry Potter fanatic, although Tyler likes to deny it. With Tyler’s love of Harry Potter in mind Heather planned a Harry Potter theme date. We started out the date by playing Quidditch, which was very similar to broom hockey. We then built the Hogwarts castles, which is pictured below. From the castle we then watched one of the Harry Potter movies. It is definitely fun to go on dates when the person you are going with is such a fan of the theme 🙂

This date really helped unleash our creativity. The theme was Flintstones. We first started by sculpting fruit pebbles treats, which is basically rice crispy treats but instead of rice crispies you add fruity pebbles. The fruity pebbles add a fun color to things. We both tried to use the Flintstone theme. Heather’s sculpture is above, it is a sad dinosaur and rider that had to be held up with toothpicks and anything else that was handy. The rider looked a little like Garfield (not by design). Tyler really had the Flintstone bug. He sculpted Fred and Dino as are seen below. The pictures don’t do the sculptures justice because they really looked like Fred and Dino. We had a fun time and laughed a lot as our sculptures did what they wanted as they set up. After the sculptures we learned about some Flintstone trivia that we found online. The goal was then to watch the Flintstones, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any episodes without having to pay. It was still a fun date!!

Tyler and I had been dating for quite awhile, but we still didn’t feel like we knew a whole lot about each other. One of our favorite activities involved M&Ms. The activity included blindly pulling an M&M out of a bag. Depending on what color of M&M you pulled out you had to share something about yourself before you could eat the M&M (This proved difficult for Tyler sometimes :)) You can pick whatever categories you want for the colors, but here are the categories that we used. Red = an embarrassing moment, Blue = a childhood memory, Green = a place you want to travel to, Brown = a favorite food, Yellow = a good joke, and Orange = a fear. Since we had been dating a while we added the stipulation that the information being shared had to be new to the other person. We just used a normal sized M&M package, but if you really want to get to know each other or want to do this in a group get a bigger bag. We never knew how many fears Tyler had until this date 🙂

Country themed dates seem to be easy to plan, because it can easily includes the food and entertainment. I made Heather fruit crepes for dinner. They are more like a dessert but who doesn’t like dessert for dinner 🙂 After that we watched Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille and imagined what it would be like to be a rat in a French kitchen. I had some French music that we danced to. We had fun with the music because Heather had been to France and she said that was not what French music sounds like. 🙂