Tyler and I had been dating for quite awhile, but we still didn’t feel like we knew a whole lot about each other. One of our favorite activities involved M&Ms. The activity included blindly pulling an M&M out of a bag. Depending on what color of M&M you pulled out you had to share something about yourself before you could eat the M&M (This proved difficult for Tyler sometimes :)) You can pick whatever categories you want for the colors, but here are the categories that we used. Red = an embarrassing moment, Blue = a childhood memory, Green = a place you want to travel to, Brown = a favorite food, Yellow = a good joke, and Orange = a fear. Since we had been dating a while we added the stipulation that the information being shared had to be new to the other person. We just used a normal sized M&M package, but if you really want to get to know each other or want to do this in a group get a bigger bag. We never knew how many fears Tyler had until this date 🙂