This date really helped unleash our creativity. The theme was Flintstones. We first started by sculpting fruit pebbles treats, which is basically rice crispy treats but instead of rice crispies you add fruity pebbles. The fruity pebbles add a fun color to things. We both tried to use the Flintstone theme. Heather’s sculpture is above, it is a sad dinosaur and rider that had to be held up with toothpicks and anything else that was handy. The rider looked a little like Garfield (not by design). Tyler really had the Flintstone bug. He sculpted Fred and Dino as are seen below. The pictures don’t do the sculptures justice because they really looked like Fred and Dino. We had a fun time and laughed a lot as our sculptures did what they wanted as they set up. After the sculptures we learned about some Flintstone trivia that we found online. The goal was then to watch the Flintstones, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any episodes without having to pay. It was still a fun date!!