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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Cheese! Really?! That may be how you feel when people take pictures – but they are so fun to look back at! This themed date involved pictures. We have a ton of pictures from different times and events in our lives. Tyler wrote down keywords that would take us to different groups of pictures. These keywords were used in a game of Pictionary. Normally you want Pictionary to be hard for your opponent, but this time, it was meant to be easier so we could look at our pictures. When the keyword was guessed, we looked at the group of pictures associated with that keyword. It was fun to laugh and reminisce.

Sports are great! Especially when you play sports together! Heather loves sports; so do I. Heather planned a sports themed date that got us up and moving. We started the date by playing yard volleyball.

We bumped around the volleyball and Heather taught me a game called “Salt and Pepper”. By hitting the volleyball to each other in a bump-set-spike fashion, you accomplish the goals of this game.

The second half of the date consisted of playing fun basketball games. There are many ways that you can play games with a basketball. Be creative! We played Pig, Lightning, Around the World, and 7 on the Line. Make up your own games or your own versions of popular ones! As long as you have a good time.

Sport themed dates are a wonderful way to be active together and try fun new things. You can try any combination of different sport activities that you like. You can even mix it up and make up your own versions of sports games.