A place for inexpensive date ideas :)

We have been married for three and a half years. We have a little girl that we love! We have always tried to have weekly dates since we first got married. Our inexpensive dates started when we were dating and engaged. We were both in college and low on funds. When we first got married and even now we have a jar where we put our change. Sometimes we raid the jar for a date, thus the name of our blog dating with coinage. We have found that usually we have more fun on dates that are creative and inexpensive instead of worrying about how much things are costing. Now that we have a little one our dates have evolved a little more. Every Friday night after we put our daughter to bed we have a date at home. It is nice to spend time together doing something fun. It is amazing to us how anything can be fun as long as we are doing it together.


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