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We’ve had a few warm days recently which has us thinking about our garden. We know it seems early, but we’ve found that it’s not too early. For this date we sat down and planned out what we want in our garden. We also did some research on when the best time to plant is, where the plants should be planted, when to harvest, etc. We found that some of the plants that we want to plant should be planted in the next few weeks!

Here’s the site that we used for a lot of our research for our Utah garden


Happy Gardening!

We have been talking about painting some accent walls in our house for quite sometime. For this date we decided to actually paint one! In our Master bedroom we wanted to paint stripes on one wall. That was about all we had thought about before our date. We did some good old research. Who knew there were so many different kinds of stripes you can paint? You can paint vertical, horizontal, skinny, fat, multiple sizes, multiple colors, and the list goes on!

We decided on what we wanted and then researched the best way to paint our vertical stripes. We read a lot of different things and watched a lot of different videos. The most common things and the most help thing was to take time doing the prep work. It was fun to have an artist and mathematician come together to get some vertical stripes! Here’s our finished project


Happy Dating!

That’s what I’m told you are supposed to yell when you are golfing and you are trying to warn people. I’ve tried golfing…we’ll leave it at that. Tyler loves to golf. Golfing however doesn’t really fit into our dating with coinage theme. Thus our golf date didn’t involve a normal golf course.

We started by playing a round of Wii golf. Tyler for sure won. He’s a great golfer! I don’t have patience for things that don’t come to me naturally.

We then built our own miniature golf course holes. Here’s what they looked like

(Batman on the white box proved to be an extra hazard. When you hit the box Batman fell right in front of the hole.)


Here are the competitors



After we had the holes constructed we played mini golf. I must admit our holes were a little advanced, but they were fun!

We ended the evening with a good laugh. Here’s a link to the video that made us laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy golfing!!

There is nothing like a clean car. A car wash makes me like my car again. Both of our cars were in great need of a car wash inside and out. We took turns vacuuming and washing our cars. It helped to keep us cool on a hot summer day too.

For this date we planted our garden. I guess planting a garden can get expensive, but you can pick up some inexpensive seeds and plants if you search a little. It was fun to get in the dirt and plant our garden. We figure it will help us out with our grocery bill in the long wrong. It was a simple date, but was fun to get up and get moving ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been trying recently to use some of the pins I have pinned on pinterest instead of just pinning more. With that in mind we did a pinterest themed date. First, we went to my dessert board and found this recipe http://www.number-2-pencil.com/2012/03/06/chocolate-chip-cookie-in-cup/ for making a single cookie in a mug in the microwave. This was possibly very bad news for me, because I love cookies! The cookies turned out delicious and only took about five minutes to make. We then went to my family ideas board and found a link to free redbox codes. http://daysofadomesticdad.com/redbox-rental-codes/ We were both feeling pretty tired so a movie sounded good. We were so tired in fact that we ended up just watching one of our own movies. I loved this date because it had the potential of being any type of date. It was fun to pick activities to do together.

We went on a spy themed date. We took different tests to see if we could be spies. The first test was an intelligence test. Our intelligence test included making a code for our partner and having the partner decode the message. This website is where we found the key for our codes https://sites.google.com/site/codesforscouts/sliding-scale-or-cryptograph The next test was the physical fitness test. We had “lasers” set up that we had to wind our way through. The idea came from this website http://theweekendhomemaker.com/boredom-busters They used painters tape, but we didn’t have any so we used yarn. Heather Feather SpyTy Spy We passed the tests!! The final part of our night was training. To train we watched “Get Smart.”

I don’t think we’ve ever laughed so hard on a date! We built forts out of empty boxes. We then waged war on each others’ forts with nerf bow and arrows. The love part came in after we shot an arrow we said, “I love you because….” Every time we finished shooting an arrow we had to tell the other person a reason why we loved them. It is funny to try and destroy a fort and then think of reasons you love someone.

We recently went on an Olympic date. We had five events: hockey, discus, sprints, volleyball, and the javelin. For hockey we played a tic-tac-toe game that had balls and sticks. For the discus we threw around a frisbee. Whoever caught the frisbee five times in a row won that event. For sprints we played a card game called nerts. For volleyball we had three chances to see who could bump the ball the most in a row to themself. For the javelin we took nerf arrows and threw them. The gold medalist got to pick where went for dessert. The silver medalist got the privledge of holding the gold medalist’s hand ๐Ÿ™‚ Tyler won the discus and the javelin. Heather won the other three events.

Sports are great! Especially when you play sports together! Heather loves sports; so do I. Heather planned a sports themed date that got us up and moving. We started the date by playing yard volleyball.

We bumped around the volleyball and Heather taught me a game called โ€œSalt and Pepperโ€. By hitting the volleyball to each other in a bump-set-spike fashion, you accomplish the goals of this game.

The second half of the date consisted of playing fun basketball games. There are many ways that you can play games with a basketball. Be creative! We played Pig, Lightning, Around the World, and 7 on the Line. Make up your own games or your own versions of popular ones! As long as you have a good time.

Sport themed dates are a wonderful way to be active together and try fun new things. You can try any combination of different sport activities that you like. You can even mix it up and make up your own versions of sports games.