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We went on our date on Friday, which was Flag Day. Tyler came up with this very creative date. We first designed a flag for our country (that is if we had our own country). To design our flags we used paper and colored pencil. While we were designing our flags Ty read flag trivia that he found online. Our next challenge was to make our flag come to life out of legos. From the picture below you can tell who the artist is between the two of us 🙂P1130072

Country themed dates seem to be easy to plan, because it can easily includes the food and entertainment. I made Heather fruit crepes for dinner. They are more like a dessert but who doesn’t like dessert for dinner 🙂 After that we watched Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille and imagined what it would be like to be a rat in a French kitchen. I had some French music that we danced to. We had fun with the music because Heather had been to France and she said that was not what French music sounds like. 🙂

After Tyler and I had been dating for a while we decided we needed to start going on more inexpensive dates. Tyler was in school and I would be starting graduate school in the fall so money would be tight for both of us. We went on what I called a Swedish date.  I took Tyler to the Salt Lake library, because I have always wanted to go there.  We looked for Swedish books and read in the encyclopedia and found an English Swedish dictionary.  Then we went to IKEA, because Tyler had never been there.  We had Swedish Meatballs while there for dinner. Yum!! It was really fun.  Tyler tells me now that he liked our inexpensive date.