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That’s what I’m told you are supposed to yell when you are golfing and you are trying to warn people. I’ve tried golfing…we’ll leave it at that. Tyler loves to golf. Golfing however doesn’t really fit into our dating with coinage theme. Thus our golf date didn’t involve a normal golf course.

We started by playing a round of Wii golf. Tyler for sure won. He’s a great golfer! I don’t have patience for things that don’t come to me naturally.

We then built our own miniature golf course holes. Here’s what they looked like

(Batman on the white box proved to be an extra hazard. When you hit the box Batman fell right in front of the hole.)


Here are the competitors



After we had the holes constructed we played mini golf. I must admit our holes were a little advanced, but they were fun!

We ended the evening with a good laugh. Here’s a link to the video that made us laugh 🙂

Happy golfing!!


This week it was Tyler’s turn for a date. During the day I called Tyler at work. He picked up on the fact that I was not having the greatest day ever. Ty is such a sweetie and brought me flowers. After putting our little girl to bed we started our date that he termed a “pamper Heather date.” It was just what I needed. We started our date by slow dancing and reminiscing. After that we watched one of my all time favorite movies, Pride and Prejudice. Tyler had never seen it and told me that he had never had a desire to see it (what a good guy). During the movie Tyler gave me a massage and we snacked on some of my favorite Easter candy that Tyler picked up on the way home. I know this date may not seem creative or new, but it was exactly what I needed after a rough day!

Our daughter will be ready to move from her crib to a big girl bed in a few months. It is an exciting time! We are trying to get ready with some “new” furniture for her room. First we headed on over to IKEA for an end table. They have these great little tables for only $10. We have a dresser from when my husband was a little boy. We decided to update it. So when we were at IKEA we look for new handles also. We’re still debating about whether or not we want to paint or refinish the dresser. We did find a couple of websites that would help if we do decide to paint. Here they are:

When Tyler suggested that we have a “Cookie Games” date I asked him what Cookie Games were. Before Tyler could even answer I told him, he had me at cookie. I love cookies! This date was right up my alley. Image

We started the evening by playing checkers. We used cookies as our checkers. It was so much fun! I don’t remember the last time I played checkers. Image

The second game we played was Othello. I had never played it before. It was fun to learn a new game. Our date was a fun twist on a game night 🙂

In my head the title was to the tune of the Snow song from “White Christmas.” We don’t know about you, but we’ve actually had some snow this year. We decided to go on a snow theme date. First we would like to introduce you to Phoebe and Bob. snowmen These are the snowmen we made. I’m not a huge fan of cold so we brought some snow inside to make our snowmen. We then decided to watch them melt. meltingsnowmen As you can see we weren’t very patient so we decided to speed things along. We got the idea from the following website http://handsonaswegrow.com/32-snow-snowflakes-snowmen-its-all-about-the-snow/ melted To end the evening we made some good old fashioned paper snow flakes that we are going to use to decorate our house with. Our date was a fun, warm way to enjoy the snow.

We don’t know about you, but one of our favorite parts of the holidays is all the lights and decorations. This date was simple, but a blast. We drove around to some of our favorite spots with lights. Near us there is a street that puts up the story of the nativity. There is also a circle that is named Christmas Street. Every house on the street decorates. It is a great time to chat and reminiscence. multi-c7-led-christmas-light

We decided to get a taste of Halloween and use our creative juices. We spent the evening building haunted houses out of Legos. It was fun to revert back to our childhood. You can see pictures of our houses below. Happy dating!