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We went on our date on Friday, which was Flag Day. Tyler came up with this very creative date. We first designed a flag for our country (that is if we had our own country). To design our flags we used paper and colored pencil. While we were designing our flags Ty read flag trivia that he found online. Our next challenge was to make our flag come to life out of legos. From the picture below you can tell who the artist is between the two of us 🙂P1130072


Love of course! At least that’s what comes to mind first during this time of year. We did an L themed date this last weekend. Parts of our date were romantic I supposed but this date was mostly fun!! We started the evening by doing something we LOVE, cooking. We made yummy popcorn to snack on through out the night. You can find the recipe here: http://www.prettyprovidence.com/2012/03/aunt-vals-caramel.html While we snacked on our popcorn we read LETTERS that we had written to each other last year. To end the evening off we did the first two challenges from a LEGO quest. You can find the lego quest here: http://legoquestkids.blogspot.com/ The first challenge was to make a car. P1120415 These are our cars. The purple one is a minivan and the orange one is a monster truck. The second challenge was to build something with monochromatic bricks. P1120416 We each chose the color the other person was to build with. It was a lovely date 🙂

We decided to get a taste of Halloween and use our creative juices. We spent the evening building haunted houses out of Legos. It was fun to revert back to our childhood. You can see pictures of our houses below. Happy dating!