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We have been talking about painting some accent walls in our house for quite sometime. For this date we decided to actually paint one! In our Master bedroom we wanted to paint stripes on one wall. That was about all we had thought about before our date. We did some good old research. Who knew there were so many different kinds of stripes you can paint? You can paint vertical, horizontal, skinny, fat, multiple sizes, multiple colors, and the list goes on!

We decided on what we wanted and then researched the best way to paint our vertical stripes. We read a lot of different things and watched a lot of different videos. The most common things and the most help thing was to take time doing the prep work. It was fun to have an artist and mathematician come together to get some vertical stripes! Here’s our finished project


Happy Dating!

I realize that this date idea might be a little late for some of you, but you could also use it if you have a birthday coming up. With how crazy the holidays are we struggle sometimes to get our weekly date in. The Friday before Christmas we used our date night to wrap presents and do all of our last minute Christmas preparations. It was simple and fun at the same time. You never know what fun you can have with wrapping paper, tape, and bows!

This weekend we went on a summer themed date. We started the date by making ice cream sculptures. The catch was the sculptures had to involve summer somehow. Heather sculpted a flower, which can be seen below. Yes there was ice cream under all those toppings 🙂 Tyler sculpted a tasty looking hamburger or as he likes to call it an ice cream sandwich. After we ate our sculptures, yum! We blew bubbles. We forgot how fun it is to blow bubbles!

We recently went on an Olympic date. We had five events: hockey, discus, sprints, volleyball, and the javelin. For hockey we played a tic-tac-toe game that had balls and sticks. For the discus we threw around a frisbee. Whoever caught the frisbee five times in a row won that event. For sprints we played a card game called nerts. For volleyball we had three chances to see who could bump the ball the most in a row to themself. For the javelin we took nerf arrows and threw them. The gold medalist got to pick where went for dessert. The silver medalist got the privledge of holding the gold medalist’s hand 🙂 Tyler won the discus and the javelin. Heather won the other three events.